A Partner is Right

A Partner is Right

Bridge 1937 {STL DISPATCH MAG May 19 1937}


The Bidding..

South        West            North         East

1 Spade    Pass             2 Hearts    No-Trump

Double     Redouble   3 Spades   Pass

Pass         Pass

“My Partner maintains that I was  ‘fixed’  by the opponents psychic bidding….”


Your Partner was right. It was all very well for you to decide that the opponent could control the opening lead and then run off something like a seven card diamond suit, but in making  such a decision you were, in effect, calling your own partner a nitwit.

Bridge No 4



Elie Almon Culbertson (July 22, 1891 – December 27, 1955), known as Ely Culbertson, was an American Contract Bridge entrepreneur and personality dominant during the 1930s. He played a major role in the popularization of the new game and was widely regarded as “the man who made contract bridge”. He was a great showman who became rich, was highly extravagant, and lost and gained fortunes several times over ..

In 1964 The Bridge World honored  Harlod S. Vanderbilt ,  Ely Culbertson, and  Charles Goren  as the first three members of a bridge hall of fame..



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