St. Louis Bridge Center


St. Louis Bridge Center

One of the top 10 clubs in the U.S. (2014)

Club Name, State/Province #Tables

1. Honors, NY 15516.5

2. Jourdans Bridge Club, FL 14246.5

3. The In-Between DBC, FL 13765.0

4. Laguna Woods DBC, CA 13457.5

5. The Hartes’ Club, NY 13225.5

6. Essex Bridge Center, NJ 12967.5

7. Vero Beach Bridge Center, FL 10803.5

8. The Villages DBC, FL 10149.5

9. St Louis Bridge Center, MO 10112.5

10. Boca Raton DBC, FL 9902.5


St. Louis Bridge Center located 8616 Olive Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63132

is proud to announce that they will be offering the complete ACBL Bridge Series program.

Bridge ProbCapture

*Notes on Illustrative Hand No.12

Tricks 1 and 2-A leads high, hoping in three leads to drop all the Diamonds.

Trick 3-B discards a Spade, plainly indicating the suit he wishes A to lead.

If the discard of Heart is made, indicating weakness, A is compelled to choose between the Clubs and Spades, and as he cannot afford to lead from the King of Spades once protected will undoubtedly lead the Jack of Clubs.

The discard from weakness in this hand, should A guess the wrong suit, may lose six or seven tricks- {J.B.Elwell pg 94-95}





Time Type Director
Monday 10:00am Open Beth Percich
  10:00am Intermediate/Novice (0-199) Hatchie Greene
  Tuesday 10:00am Open Beth Percich   10:00am Novice (0-49) Marvin King   6:30pm Intermediate/Novice (0-299) Marvin King   Wednesday 10:00am Open Mark Ehret   10:00am Intermediate/Novice (0-299) Janet Vontz   6:30pm Novice (0-49) Marvin King   Thursday 10:00am Open Beth Percich   10:00am Intermediate/Novice (0-199) Janet Vontz   Friday 10:00am Open Janet Vontz   10:00am Fast Pairs Mark Ehret & Beth Percich   10:00am Novice (0-20) Marvin King   2:30pm Beginners/Novice Phyllis Siegel & Janet Vontz   Saturday 1:00pm Open Janet Vontz   1:00pm Intermediate/Novice (0-299) Mike Vontz   6:00pm Open Janet and Mike Vontz   Sunday 1:00pm Swiss Team Phyllis Siegel     1st Sunday of Month     2:00pm Open Pairs Hatchie Greene    

2nd Sunday of Month

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