The Cribbage hand of the Day

The Cribbage Hand of the Day:

(Gougie00 Dec 21 )


This is your hand your winning 58-50 , it’s the pone’s crib which two cards do you toss?




Now the Cut…. FLIP* ..



Did you keep the Double Run …? 

you would be 2nd best to do so ..the best is to Toss the 8D 10H 

Over whelming  favorite by the players  53% on the site..  {Daily Cribbage Hand }


Another in Agreement with  the 8/10 toss…


C. Liam Brown — Cribbage Discard Pro  

Takes a cribbage hand, performs a detailed statistical analysis (magic), and tells you what to discard

Suggested: 8♦ 10♥
This is the best compromise between a strong hand for you and a weak crib for your opponent. (The average of your hand’s score minus the crib’s score is 4.1 points).
The best thing that could happen is if 6♥ is flipped and your opponent discards 2♥ 4♥, giving you a hand-minus-crib score of 12 points. (Other cards may give this same result.)
Aggressive: 5♣ 6♣
This will give you the most average points (10.3) in your hand (ignoring the crib).
Hail Mary: 5♣ 6♣
To try to get the biggest possible hand, discard these and hope that 8♥ gets flipped. This would give you 16 points.
Defensive: 6♣ 10♥
To minimize your opponent’s average crib score.


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