2019 Annual Mid Ohio Meet/State Tournament

2019 Annual Mid Ohio Meet/State Tournament
August 9th and August 10th 2019 

Something new this year,  merging the Ohio State Tournament with the popular Amish Tournament. The tournament will be held in the large building on the right side of Crist & Rosanna Miller’s home at 10250 S. Kansas Road, Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627 . Friday & Saturday, August 9th and 10th. Donation / entry fee is $30. Registration opens at 12:00 pm (noon / lunch), Games will begin at 1:00 pm the afternoon of the 9th, continuing into Saturday. This year’s play  is 3-Move Restriction . 8 round Swiss – 4 rounds Friday and 4 rounds Saturday, with play starting at 8:00 am (Saturday). Masters playing Masters will use clocks to keep rounds from exceeding 2 hours.

Snacks & drinks provided, with free breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Joe LoConti will continue to back tournament up to $500 for some prizes. High finisher will be recognized as Ohio State Champion and wins a donated craft item.

There is a new Sleep Inn hotel in Mt. Hope about 4 miles away https://mthopesleepinn.com/.  

For more information, contact Crist Miller at 330-231-5034

Richard Beckwith at 440-516-1284 (beckwith24@msn.com)


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