44th World Women’s Championship / International Draughts/FINAL

Чемпионат Мира по международным шашкам среди женщин

44th World Women’s Championship / International Draughts/FINAL

Russian  GMIF Tamara Transykkuzhina  [2203]  … Now a 6x  World Champion!  (2001,2002,2004, 2007 in Yakutsk…and 2011)

Tamara’s Score Card .. Average rating of rated opponents  2163 ..  6 W – 8 D -1 L  [GAMES]

Winning the 6 th game in the last round for No. 6 Title..

 Black’s Move 40.  … 24-29

Rd15  Motrichko – Transykkuzhina 

41. 33×24  19×30

42. 28×18 13×24  0-2

                                       Draw  Game in Round 5  Photo


Natalia finished in 5th place with 4 wins

Even though she didn’t keep her title she never lost and won a nice game against Tamara in  Round 8





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