Checkers with Royal Crowns [King Kentheon]


Checkers with Royal Crowns [King Kentheon] Model H-100 circa 1950’s  made in Saint Louis Mo.

The series Model H -2200  Is the set with a board made from mahogany wood.


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  1. I have the whole set of king head checker pieces and all the crowns. Could you tell me if these have any value. I do not have the checker board.


    Linda Grooms

  2. Linda
    The pieces with the board give you the best value … I would think the pieces would be worth 15-20 dollars you can check EBay and Antique shops …also it helps to have the original box
    Good Luck …

  3. I have the complete checkers set box and all all crowns pieces etc.. Just curious what its worth..

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