King’s Court {The Original Game of SuperCheckers}

 The board is 8×8 with the squares rotated 45 degrees. The central 4×4 area forms the King’s Court. The starting setup places the green and orange pieces on the 48 squares surrounding the Court. The opening moves have both players enter a piece onto the Court from opposing sides (no jumping yet). From that point on, a piece must be present on the Court at all times –otherwise the player loses. Pieces move as in Checkers except they all move as Kings (no restrictions on direction). Jumps are again as in Checkers, except that you can jump your own pieces as well (without capturing them, of course). Contents: game board, 48 game pieces, instructions.

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  1. History of Supercheckers (aka King’s Court) ~ Originally invented in 1979, Supercheckers was sold briefly in California before being offered to Western Publishing, publishers of the popular games of Pictionary and Outburst. Western Publishing changed the name of the game to King’s Court, and sold 250,000 games in two seasons before selling their entire line of board games to Hasbro. Hasbro never published the game and it eventually came back to the inventor.

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