Sunday Checkers Jan. 26 2020

Sunday Checkers Jan. 26 2020

A 24-game match to be played in 2020 for the GAYP (Go As You Please) World Title. (Bids are being accepted). 

Matteo Bernini (Italy) has earned rights to challenge current champion Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa).

In 2018, in Petal Mississippi,  Kondlo won the world title match in the GAYP version against defending champion Borghetti. (5 – 0)

GAYP World title match. – Page 3 – The American Checker …



Independent 3-Move World Title Match: Alex Moiseyev (USA, challenger) and current 3-move World Champion, Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) have agreed to play a World Title Match via Independent Challenge on March 11-19 (free day March 15). Match (32 games) will be hosted at the International Checkers Hall of Fame in Petal, Mississippi. Referee – Charles Walker.

 Alex Moiseyev (3-Move World Champion 2003 – 2013)

  3-Move World Champion, Sergio Scarpetta


 published book :  Sixth  subtitle Volume 1: The Way to the Crown.

Includes ~360 pages, 400 diagrams and covers the following topics:

1) WCM 2002 with Elbert Lowder (29 games)
2) WCM 2003 with Ron King (35 games)
3) 50 selected games, 1996-2004

hard cover, high quality paper. Book includes a lot of new play and cooks, stories, and Alex’s “internal feelings” during the games.

Extracts from the book are reprinted here

 Order the book through the American Checker Federation Online Store


Black to  play and win

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