The Chequer Board

Shute, Nevil (Heinemann) London, 1954

 The Chequer Board is a multi-part story telling of the experience of one John (Jackie) Turner, whom the doctors have given just one year to live due to injuries sustained in a wartime plane crash.


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  1. The Chequer Board is a novel by Nevil Shute, first published in the UK in 1947 by William Heinemann Ltd.

    Jackie Turner, bothered by a head wound acquired during the War, is told by doctors that he has less than a year to live. Since his discharge he has travelled as a cereal salesman and has let his marriage to Mollie become a thing of convenience with little common interest. After breaking the news they discuss the prospects and Jackie discloses a curiosity about three men with whom he spent weeks in a military hospital, while all recovered from injuries. The serious nature of Turner’s head injury prompted doctors to request that the others read or talk to him to stimulate brain function. During these long discussions, the men had related much about their private lives and their present plight. Turner regrets having lost track of the men and is concerned about their welfare. The novel evolves with his search for them and their position on the chequer board of life.

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