The organization of the World Championship Women 2019 has been allotted by the FMJD to the Draughts Federation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

June 10 – June 24 .. The 16 players are nominated according to a schema:

1) gmif Natalia Sadowska (Poland) World Champion
2) gmif Zoja Golubeva (Latvia) World Champion 2017
3) gmif Olga Fedorovich (Belarus) next in order of WC 2017
4) Negbre Biagne Elsa (Ivory Coast) Africa
5) mif Lyblyana Turiy (United States of America) America
6) gmif You Zhang (China) Asia #1
7) gmif Hanqing Zhao (China) Asia #2
8) mff Khuslen Enkhbold (Mongolia) Asia #3
9) gmif Matrena Nogovitsyna (Russia) Europe #1
10) gmif Natalia Shestakova (Russia) Europe #2
11) mif Darja Fedorovich (Belarus) Europe #3
12) gmif Viktoriya Motrichko (Ukraine) Europe #4
13) mif Heike Verheul (Netherlands) Europe #5
14) mff Palina Petrusiova (Belarus) Europe #6
Place for Russia
Sponsor place
(*) names for places 15 and 16 will be published before May 10th

Information about World Championship Women

Natalia Sadowska won Top Female Player in the WORLD CUP Turkish Open [Antalya] March 7-14 

Finished 13 /36 with a score of 10 points 


White to play and Win.. {Positional}


 Rd 8 Sadowska (2241) – Aminova (2059) 1-0

Black to play.. and crush {Tactical}


Rd1  Gongalskiy (2012) – Sadowska(2241) 0-1



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