American Collegiate Go Association

American Collegiate Go Association

 A new online tournament format for college Go clubs anywhere in the world. Matches are held on the KGS Go Server, in the “Collegiate Go League” club room. Every other week on Saturdays at 1pm EST / 10am PST

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  1. League information……
    Currently Participating Schools: MIT, Brandeis, Brown, Northeastern, Cornell, Princeton, University of Maryland, University of Michigan
    Location: KGS, Room: “Collegiate Go League”, under “Club rooms”.
    Tournament Format: Matches will occur every two weeks until mid-April. At the end of the season there will be a non-handicapped championship tournament, with seeding determined by most match victories during the semester; ties broken by most individual victories.
    Match Format: A “match” refers to a set of five games between two schools. Each school will field five players. The five players from each team will play each other, sorted from strongest to weakest. The match will be won by the school who wins best of the five boards.
    Team Format: Each school will nominate a team captain, who will maintain a roster of active team members. These team members should be active members of the club. There is no limit to the number of people on a roster, although only five team members may represent a school in a match. People are eligible to compete for a college club if they are active members of the club.
    Game settings: 30m main time, 5x30second byo-yomi, Chinese Ruleset with 7.5 points komi, unrated, handicapped according to KGS ratings, no undos. A moderator will be on hand to resolve any disputes/conflicts.
    Season 1 Game Dates: Saturdays, Feb 4rd, Feb 18th, Mar 3rd, Mar 17th, Mar 31st, Apr 14th, Apr 28th.
    Game Time: Games start at 1pm EST, and should end by 3pm EST. Please arrive half an hour earlier than the match start, to minimize delays.

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