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As with any kind of gambling, the high-stakes nature of Sabacc often led to cheating. Besides various basic sleight-of-hand palming tricks, many cheats used a cheater, a small handheld device that could be secretly used to manipulate the game cards and neutral field to give the user an unfair advantage in the game. Another means involved a skifter, a rigged card that was unobtrusively substituted for a normal one in the deck. Barpotomous Drebble once employed this against Lando Calrissian in a tournament, just before the latter won the deed to Cloud City on the planet Bespin. On some planets, cheating at sabacc could mean death or prison and a heavy fine. Force users who play sabacc may sometimes use the Force to stack the deck, or to view their opponents’ cards..





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  1. What’s the difference between an expert cardsharp and a professional magician? …One will send you home with a smile on your face for the price of an evening’s fun and entertainment; the other is a magician…

    Learn about marked cards, bottom dealing, second deals, false shuffles, poker cheating … When it comes to gaffed dealing shoes the two-shoe is definitely the most popular …

    There are a thousand ways to cheat at poker, including all of the classic card-cheating moves—from daubing or bending cards, to slipping in a pre-arranged “cold deck,” to working in collusion with the dealer to false shuffle, stack the deck, and deliver losing hands to unsuspecting marks. Most of these classic techniques, however, are more easily pulled off in private games.

  2. Sabacc, or jhabacc, was a popular card game that was often played for high stakes. Perhaps the most famous sabacc game was the championship round of the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament in which Lando Calrissian lost the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo

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