Morphy and the Queen’s Gambit

Morphy and the Queen’s Gambit Paul Charles Morphy🇺🇸, by some the best chess player of all time, playing (and gallantly losing) Queen Victoria🇬🇧 in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in 1859.. — Roaring Pawn (@chessContact) May 24, 2020   This photograph comes from page 40 of Chessworld, January-February 1964, in… Continue reading

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day !!  Celebrating 173 (1845) years of American Chess What’s more American than Hershey’s Chocolate , Coca – Cola or the Doors?   This guy.. [Event “Morphy – Mongredien”] [Site “Paris FRA”] [Date “1859.03.??”] [EventDate “1859.??.??”] [Round “6”] [Result “1-0”] [White “Paul Morphy”] [Black “Augustus Mongredien”] [ECO “C40”]… Continue reading