3rd Sinquefield Cup / Round 3

magnuscarlsen1Magnus Carlsen

There were two decisive games this round.  Carlsen versus Vachier-Lagrave and So versus Grischuk.  Both of these White victories appear to be greatly influenced by the clock.  Be that as it may, Carlsen is now in a three way tie for second; Topalov is still in the lead.


Carlsen, Magnus vs. Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime,  ?,  2015.08.25,  Round 3White (Carlsen) To Play


photo 1 



So, Wesley vs. Grischuk, Alexander,  ?,  Source2015.08.25,  Round 3So versus Grischuk (Final Position)

 photo 3





 photo 4


photo 2


 Photos Courtesy Of Derrick Bartotto


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