Fris open 2017 (2)

Febuary 28  – March 5 2017

World championships FRYSK!


Participants of Fryslân Open 2017 (international group)


1. World champion Rapid Chess from Ukraine:


2. World champion checkers from Italy:


3. World champion international draughts from Russia:


4. African champion international draughts from Cameroon:


5. Lithuanian champion international draughts:


6. Dutch champion international draughts in 1997:


7. Several championships Czech en Brazilian and FRYSK!


8. German champion 64-draughts


9. Italian champion FRYSK


10. Mindsporter from Belgium:

Renaud Braye


11. Mindsporter from Amsterdam

Herbert Tulleken


12. Frisian (internation draughtsplayer)

Sjoerd Huitema


Participants of Fryslân Open 2017 (Frisian group)


1. Taeke Kooistra

2. Jelle Wiersma

3. Foeke Tiemensma

4. Henk Haanstra

5. Tsjerk Wijbenga

6. Folkert Groenveld

7. Hein de Vries

8. Kees Tijssen

9. Fedde Wiersma

10. Sjoerd Couperus

11. Rein Jan Walinga

12. Cor Kooistra

13. Bauke Dijkstra

14. Piet Sikma


Alternative starting position..

World Champion Checkers Michele Borghetti from Livorno, Italy and World Champion FRYSK ..Jelle Wiersma from Wommels, the Netherlands.

 Exhibition Game for ..App Frisian Draughts / FRYSK



Learn to play ….

Frisian Draughts a brief manual ….


Once you have worked your way through the manual you will be able to play draughts with other draughts players, or use the Frisian draughts app (Fries dammen), or play on the internet via the following websites:, or
The websites and have information about matches and other news.

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